The Human Founder Team

We are a team of professionals with deep expertise & knowledge in Executive Coaching, Clinical Therapy & Organizational Growth,  aiming to shape the leaders of tomorrow in the Startup, VC & Tech Ecosystem

Gali Bloch Liran

Founder & CEO  I  Executive Coach, Specializing in Startups, VCs & Tech Companies  I  Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Reichman university

Gali’s global experience in business, leadership & management, combined with her coaching & psychology background, and passion for tech & entrepreneurship, enables her to lead 1-on-1 coaching sessions with C-suite executives and founders’ team-building & mediation sessions to strengthen their mental resilience and help them scale-up their ventures.

Gali is an Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Reichman University and a Keynote Speaker, leading resilience, leadership & productivity workshops worldwide.

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