1-on-1 Sessions guiding entrepreneurs on how to develop their mindsets, habits & practices needed to succeed.

One-time strategic coaching intake /

Ongoing one-on-one performance coaching

Why coaching?

Simply put, evidence shows that coaching works! More companies are investing in coaching to develop leadership skills, increase productivity, and improve performance. It’s a powerful form of development that leads to change and results. Research conducted by the Institute for Leadership Management found that 95% of respondents saw direct benefits to the organization, and 96% saw benefits to each individual. A broad range of specific benefits were identified, including improvements in communication, interpersonal skills, leadership, management, conflict resolution, personal confidence, attitudes, motivation, management performance, and preparation for a new role or promotion.

What will you get?

Whether you are looking for a one-time consultation or ongoing coaching over time, individual coaching sessions can give you the support system you may need to achieve your goals along your entrepreneurial journey. Together, we will assess your personal and professional needs and aspirations that influence your startup and work to develop your ability to lead fearlessly!

How does it work?

Sessions range between 50 minutes to 3 hours and can be held online, in-person, at my clinic, or in your office. Sessions can be a one-time consultation or ongoing long-term consultations that evolves alongside your startup's growth.

Some of the topics we will address are:

  • Creating clarity and focus to increase effectiveness & productivity
  • Establishing the vision and values needed to build a strategic roadmap for your company
  • Strengthening your authentic leadership & managerial skills
  • Improving your decision-making processes
  • Embrace effective communication & negotiation skills
  • Managing powerful, professional relationships with co-founders, investors, employees & clients
  • Building a strong company culture & DNA that will enable a sustainable growth
  • Designing a compelling brand identity & developing your storytelling abilities
  • Strengthening your mental resilience & helping you embody a growth mindset
  • Improving your wellbeing through establishing a work-life balance & ruthless prioritization
  • Taking your pitching & presentation skills to the next level
  • Making a successful relocation
  • Defining your career success factors
  • Pivoting successfully & leading change

Results & Values:

According to CEOs I've worked with, they quickly experienced their ROI throughout our coaching session together. They reported feeling a sharp boost in their self-esteem, learned new management tools to nurture their mindsets, and effectively managed their time, team, and priorities. Additionally, I helped them design their business strategy, gave valuable, constructive feedback, succeeded in raising capital funds, closed more deals, and increased their revenues by up to 50%. These are just some of the many results you can expect to achieve from working together!

As one mentee shared -

‍“Talking to you, Gali, is like talking to a smarter version of myself, that helps me unleash my strengths, focus and opportunities, and get things done.”

"Gali is a real pro in everything she does. That's why I bring Gali to work directly with the entrepreneurs of my innovation accelerator program for over 4 years. Gali led a half-day workshop for all of the entrepreneurs to better understand their leadership qualities. Over six months, Gali held one-on-one coaching sessions with each entrepreneur guiding them through challenges and helping them identify their authentic leadership and professional strengths. I see how much Gali is an asset to our entrepreneurs, empowering them in their journey and introducing a much-needed language of wellbeing, balance, leadership, and self-management."

Zachi Flatto
CEO, ConTech

"Gali made a significant positive impact on our company. As a team, she helped us clarify our vision and goals and positioned our startup to be in the place we wanted. On a personal note, Gali supported me as a CEO sharing productivity tools and a broad perspective, which have significantly helped me in my daily activities and team management. I always looked forward to my next meeting with Gali. I value her opinion on different issues and challenges I face. I would highly recommend all startup companies to work with Gali. Gali, thank you very much!"

Shai Prupes
Co-Fonder & CEO, Samson-Logic

"Having the best reputation as a sharp, driven and experienced Startup Advisor, I’ve been wanting to work with Gali for a long time. As a Director of an Edtech Startup Incubator, I knew our community of entrepreneurs would greatly benefit from meeting Gali, and it was only a question of what and how. We went through with her Entrepreneurs' Mental Resilience workshop & Gali answered our exact needs. Gali literally fascinated the participants with her professional insights, methods and tools, and of course her stirring personality. I greatly recommend her as a keynote speaker and a workshop leader."

Shiri Shiffer
Head, EdStart

“Being a CEO, particularly a Startup CEO, is no easy task. The ability to see and understand concepts at both macro and micro levels, move an entire team towards your vision while possessing a deep understanding for each employee, and developing a strategy while technically solving minor issues across a company all require a high level of mental resilience. Helping embody this resilience is precisely where Gali brings such incredible value! I've had the honor to work with Gali on these topics in addition to many others. Gali is a true asset to any founder, whether to a CEO or any other C-suite professional.”

Ionathan Lazovski
Founder & CEO, Structure Pal

“After years of leading business initiatives and managing major projects & budgets in corporations, I became the CEO of a promising startup. Through Gali’s coaching, it’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself, your dreams, failures, and grow from each experience. For the first time, I stopped to observe my life and this significant change. Gali’s ability to ‘dance’ with my life experiences, offer reflections, and in doing so, improve my wellbeing, is a priceless gift I will apply in both my personal and professional life.”

Lior Avitan
CEO, Ultrawis

"Gali led a Team Building workshop for Glilot Capital Partners during its last General Partners Offsite and it definitely was the best part of the whole Offsite! With intelligence, wisdom and sensitivity she made everyone open up and share, so that at the end of the workshop we felt more cohesive, bonded, and open with each other. Gali helped us see how our teamwork could be miraculously improved. Her spot-on insights & reflections really helped us grow as individuals and professional investors."

Nofar Amikam
Early-stage Investor & General Partner, Glilot Capital Partners

"Gali's expertise in startup founders' mental mechanisms is truly impressive, and her passion for supporting and empowering women founders is evident in every aspect of her work. Throughout the Leadership Workshop to Google For Startup founders, Gali provided a wealth of practical strategies and tools for building resilience, managing stress, and maintaining focus in the face of the many challenges that arise when building a startup. Her presentation style was engaging, informative, and highly interactive, and she had a remarkable ability to connect with each participant on a personal level. Gali's ability to create a safe and supportive environment allowed attendees to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and challenges, and her thoughtful and insightful feedback provided valuable guidance and direction."

Yuval Passov
Head of Google for Startups Israel

Gali and I worked together during an important crossroad in my professional life. Gali is attentive, committed, strategic and has a laser focused approach to problem solving. She is a powerhouse, and I would recommend her for anything from career decisions to being an integral part for high impact decision processes for any high paced business.

Arnaud Lorie
Investor & Advisor

"We were thrilled to welcome Gali Bloch Liran, Founder & CEO of The Human Founder Podcast and acclaimed Startup, Co-Founders & VC Executive Coach, to our Legal Clinic for Start-Ups class. Gali's session was an engaging exploration of the psychological journey of founders. She shared her own remarkable career path, transitioning from law to coaching founders, and ultimately launching a top podcast. Through real-life examples, Gali illuminated the challenges founders face, from team building, MVP development, to funding, and exit strategies. Students were captivated by her expertise and deeply inspired by her passion and dedication. Gali, thank you for your invaluable insights and for igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in our class!"

Einat Bonen Katz
Director of the Legal Clinic for Start-Ups, Reichman University

We participated in Gali's workshop through Google Health AI Program for Startups. We were impressed by the story that brought Gali here, but equally by Gali's capability to bring everyone around to the table and open themselves about their story. Gali is clearly a very strong coach who has a lot of experience and knowledge to share. We highly recommend Gali!

Pedro Coelho
Founder & CEO of BIORCE

Gali Bloch is an exemplary leader who truly comprehends the essence of entrepreneurship. Drawing from her broad experience and insight, she is a valuable asset in the start-up realm and is endowed with wisdom. On top of all these qualities, she is an incredibly warm and kind individual.

Ron Navon
Co-Founder & CEO at SIF

I had the pleasure of getting to know Gali as a part of a CTO group she was advising to. Her experience and knowledge allowed me to gain new perspectives about a wide variety of day-to-day matters, and her advice was always insightful. I highly recommend Gali, and I am really glad our paths crossed.

Yizhar Gilboa
Co-Founder & CTO at Finout

“Success is not just about accomplishing your goals. The true definition of success is determined by the person you become along the way, and Gali is definitely the right person you should have alongside your entrepreneurial journey. Gali's abundance of practical startup founder advice is priceless.”

Cheli Wasserman
Co-Founder & CEO, Bimmatch

"I'm a serial entrepreneur, and this is my third time in the CEO position. In working with Gali, I felt I could look deeper into myself for the first time, improve my self-awareness, perception of abundance, happiness, and well being. These all felt possible while building strong relationships with my co-founders & employees, which has led to our startup’s growth."

Eitan Tsarfati
CEO, Swapp

“After 18 months of regular coaching sessions with Gali, I consider my time with her to be the catalyst for some of the most impactful milestones I’ve reached in my life. I was a very young CEO leading a growing startup and became a new father, all at the same time. During this time, my sessions with Gali helped me sharpen the way I see life, focus on my strengths, harness them, feel comfortable with my weaknesses, and learn how to control them. I improved my decision-making processes and managerial skills and clarified my vision and goals.”

Erez Dror
CEO, Genda

 "As the CEO now of my third startup, Gali has been a true partner in my decision-making processes, strategic thinking, ability to motivate and harness my team and grow my company. Gali helps me bring new perspectives into my management style and sharpen how I communicate with my team. Gali is a wonderful and empathetic listener. She contributes insights and has a gentle way of reflecting on my blind spots. She is a role model for assertiveness, self-management and positivity, which fuels me in every session. Having her next to me makes me a better person, manager and leader."


"Gali advises me in my role as a VP of Product in a startup where I'm also a Co-Founder. When working with Gali, I feel she truly sees me, all of me, and knows how to help me balance all aspects of my life in harmony. Thanks to our joint work, there have been many significant breakthroughs in my life – personally, financially, and professionally. I feel a great sense of privilege to have someone that sharp, professional, experienced, warm, and valuable in my life. I thank her so much for the goals she helped me reach."

VP Product

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