Shay Meidan

Clinical Psychologist I Team Builder & Group Facilitator I Organizational Consultant

Shay is a Clinical Psychologist and Organizational Consultant, holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the University of Haifa alongside a four-year studies diploma from the Academic Center for Organizational Development Studies, in the Department of Behavioral Sciences in the IDF. 

Shay spent his internship in clinical psychology in the IDF (retired major). Shay has twenty years of experience in a variety of fields of psychology. During most of his career, he was the psychologist of  “Sayeret Matkal”, and was involved in finding, screening  and sorting unit candidates, and accompanying commanders and fighters in the service. 

Shay is in charge of developing mental resilience in special units of the Ministry of Defense, and the medical staff at Sheba and Ichilov hospitals, where the teams are required to work under a lot of pressure, stress, in conditions of uncertainty and are exposed to burnout. Shay also accompanies the mentoring program at unit 669 and served two years as a psychologist for the Israel National Team in Off-road Cycling.

Shay is always happy for new professional challenges, especially those that require a combination of knowledge and experience from several disciplines in the field of psychology, and combines clinical knowledge, experience working with teams and accompanying managers on their way to personal empowerment, and assistance in improving teamwork, personal and organizational resilience.

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