Sharon Shechter

Clinical Social Worker I Organizational Consultant I Mental Counselor & Guider For Athletes And Coaches

Sharon has over 25 years of professional experience as a Psychotherapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker. During that period she served in the IDF (retired Major) in various key positions, such as Head of Mental Health for the Intelligence Corps and for the IDF Northern Command. In recent years she has been working in a private clinic as well as for Maccabi Health Services.

Sport has a special place in her heart, and plays an essential role in both her personal and professional life. Sharon has been working closely with top adult and youth athletes & national teams, to help them cope with stress, overcome failure and aim for success, as a team or individually. She serves as the mental coach for Israel's women cycling team, and for Israel's women water polo team.

Her passion is working with people that find themselves at a crossroad in their lives. Through methodical approach and active listening, she helps them cope with their challenges, follow their values and thrive in the life they have created from their most authentic wishes and motivations.

Sharon holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, as well as additional certificates in Psychotherapy and CBT.

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