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Gali Bloch Liran is an Executive Coach working directly with CEOs, investors, startup founders & VC entrepreneurs, to help them manage the day-to-day challenges and develop their leadership skills, mental resilience and balances required to scale a venture sustainably.
Gali is an Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), Adelson School of Entrepreneurship.

Through coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training, I act as the sounding-board for the founders and investors I coach. I provide personal and professional growth tools to establish the strong foundations and mindsets necessary for the venture's growth and success, while keeping the founders' inner balances and well-being in place.

Working within the startup ecosystem, I focus on developing the fundamental mindsets and practices needed to build sustainable, resilient entrepreneurs & startup companies, such as:
- Strengthening leadership & management skills
- Creating clarity & focus for increased productivity
- Improving decision-making processes
- Developing effective communication skills
- Establishing a positive organizational culture & cultivating mental resilience.

As an experienced businesswoman, certified coach, startup advisor, lawyer, lecturer, and mother of three incredible young boys, I strive to embody the guiding principles of wellbeing, inner balance, productivity, and authentic leadership. These beliefs and associated practices help both myself and my mentees reach our goals and achieve success.

I bring to my coaching and consulting practice over 15 years of professional experience in business development, strategy, management and marketing in multinational companies both in Israel and abroad.

In my roles in large-scale corporate settings and with innovative and growing startups
(SOSA, HFN, Ministry of Finance - D.C,  Technion, Adama, Elit Electronics) my work ranged from building teams, implementing brand expansion internationally, launching new business models and revenue streams, generating new investment opportunities all the way to leading digital transformation in organizations. As a constant learner, I hold a L.L.B. & B.A. in Psychology from Haifa University, M.B.A in Business & Managerial Psychology from the College of Management, a coaching certificate from BDO and a certificate in interior design from 6b (you have no idea how design influences every aspect of your life & business).

After thriving in both the corporate world, startup and the innovation ecosystems, I am taking my passion for people development, technology, strategy, new business models and philosophy of holistic life and wellbeing to build the capacity of entrepreneurs.

My Values & Approach

Channel Your Prima Ballerina

Once upon a time, I was a soloist. Although I no longer lace my pointe shoes, the fundamental skills I developed as a ballerina, such as focus, dedication, performance, inner drive, flexibility, stability, balance, and alignment, have all become integral building blocks to who I've become. Now, as a startup business coach, I carry my eternal flame as a prima ballerina, applying these same principles I learned as a dancer to my clients' entrepreneurial journey.

Authentic Leadership

Leadership is about people. And working with people is about relationships. I strive to build relationships based on integrity, generosity, and professional authenticity and develop these attributes within my clients. Being a mother of three helps me embody warm-heartedness, active listening, and find ways to bring holistic approaches to the business world.


In the entrepreneurial journey, growth opportunities are everywhere - personal growth, professional growth, team growth, venture growth through clients, revenues, and funding. To be invaluable to your investors and clients, being growth-focused is the name of the game and a required state of mind. It is part of developing mental resilience, being results-oriented, and setting and achieving KPIs.

The Glass is Half-full

Our successes are dependent on our ability to envision achievement, learn from our failures and develop a growth mindset to rise from our past experiences. Not everything that happens is for the best, but everything that happens has a lesson to embrace. Each morning I wake up, I choose to look at life through a pink filter. This pink filter enables me to put each challenge I experience into perspective and appreciate what is beautiful. This outlook helps me maintain the resilience required to keep moving forward towards my goals.

Always Create Value

In the business world, decisions are made based on supply & demand, relationships, and creating opportunities. As a startup business coach, I take a supply & demand approach with my clients, looking at each individual as an optimizable human operating system. I zoom out to see the big picture of what is needed and use my business savviness and abilities as a people connector, bringing value to each situation to foster opportunities for all parties.

Be Human. Be Passionate. Be Persistent. Smile.

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