Conduct pre-investment due diligence & in-house ongoing coaching for VCs, Accelerators & Innovation Hubs' portfolio companies.

VCs, Accelerators & Innovation Hubs

Pre-investments due diligence for the founders' team /

Advising portfolio company CEOs /

Crisis management for the founders team /

Reflection, learning & development circles for CEOs


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Pre-investments due diligence for the founders' team /

Advising portfolio company CEOs /

Crisis management for the founders team /

Reflection, learning & development circles for CEOs

Why should VCs, Accelerators & Innovation Hubs provide coaching support to their portfolio companies?

Within startup ecosystems, there is an abundance of knowledge, resources, ideas, companies, and people. As a startup business coach, I'll provide my expertise and consultation services to support and enhance your VC portfolio companies, accelerator programs, or innovation hub work plans. The gift of startup coaching helps VC or innovation hubs estimate their team resilience before investing and strengthening the team post-investment. It enables startup founders to keep their inner balances, grow their venture and bring a better ROI to the firm.

What will you get?

Whether you are a VC, accelerator, or innovation hub, integrating expert knowledge and understanding of a startup's psychology and mentality can help optimize your time, diversify your breadth of expertise, increase productivity and achieve desired results for all parties.

How does it work?

After a mutual understanding of your venture's needs - will build a tailor made coaching sessions/workshops program that will serve your entrepreneurs in the best way and better them.

Some of the areas where I can support your firm are:

  • Perform due diligence for teams while assessing new investments
  • Identify new potential founders
  • Coach & mentor your portfolio entrepreneurs
  • Develop a resilience & wellness training program for your team

Results & Values:

Coaching and consultation services can elevate your startup’s potential impact, success rate, and value by providing valuable skills and tools to support its growth.

"Gali led a Team Building workshop for Glilot Capital Partners during its last General Partners Offsite and it definitely was the best part of the whole Offsite! With intelligence, wisdom and sensitivity she made everyone open up and share, so that at the end of the workshop we felt more cohesive, bonded, and open with each other. Gali helped us see how our teamwork could be miraculously improved. Her spot-on insights & reflections really helped us grow as individuals and professional investors."

Nofar Amikam
Early-stage Investor & General Partner, Glilot Capital Partners

"I'm a serial entrepreneur, and this is my third time in the CEO position. In working with Gali, I felt I could look deeper into myself for the first time, improve my self-awareness, perception of abundance, happiness, and well being. These all felt possible while building strong relationships with my co-founders & employees, which has led to our startup’s growth."

Eitan Tsarfati
CEO, Swapp

“After 18 months of regular coaching sessions with Gali, I consider my time with her to be the catalyst for some of the most impactful milestones I’ve reached in my life. I was a very young CEO leading a growing startup and became a new father, all at the same time. During this time, my sessions with Gali helped me sharpen the way I see life, focus on my strengths, harness them, feel comfortable with my weaknesses, and learn how to control them. I improved my decision-making processes and managerial skills and clarified my vision and goals.”

Erez Dror
CEO, Genda

"Gali is a real pro in everything she does. That's why I bring Gali to work directly with the entrepreneurs of my innovation accelerator program for over 4 years. Gali led a half-day workshop for all of the entrepreneurs to better understand their leadership qualities. Over six months, Gali held one-on-one coaching sessions with each entrepreneur guiding them through challenges and helping them identify their authentic leadership and professional strengths. I see how much Gali is an asset to our entrepreneurs, empowering them in their journey and introducing a much-needed language of wellbeing, balance, leadership, and self-management."

Zachi Flatto
CEO, ConTech

"Gali made a significant positive impact on our company. As a team, she helped us clarify our vision and goals and positioned our startup to be in the place we wanted. On a personal note, Gali supported me as a CEO sharing productivity tools and a broad perspective, which have significantly helped me in my daily activities and team management. I always looked forward to my next meeting with Gali. I value her opinion on different issues and challenges I face. I would highly recommend all startup companies to work with Gali. Gali, thank you very much!"

Shai Prupes
Co-Fonder & CEO, Samson-Logic

“Being a CEO, particularly a Startup CEO, is no easy task. The ability to see and understand concepts at both macro and micro levels, move an entire team towards your vision while possessing a deep understanding for each employee, and developing a strategy while technically solving minor issues across a company all require a high level of mental resilience. Helping embody this resilience is precisely where Gali brings such incredible value! I've had the honor to work with Gali on these topics in addition to many others. Gali is a true asset to any founder, whether to a CEO or any other C-suite professional.”

Ionathan Lazovski
Founder & CEO, Structure Pal

"I had the opportunity to work with Gali as part of the Quantum SPARK POC program that I led as the GM of Programs at Quantum Hub. Gali is a true professional who brings her vast experience, expertise, and fresh energy to the table, even when conducting a session over Zoom! Gali's session was well received among our startups, who also reported that their 1:1 conversations with Gali helped them tap into their growth mindset and improve their self-confidence. I highly recommend Gali and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!"

Yael Kochman
GM of Programs, Quantum SPARK

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