Ori Shechter

Content Manager

Ori, who excelled in her role, was in charge of the screening and psychological intake process of IDF candidates, a role that includes diagnosing and using data analysis to analyze the personality of the candidates.

She also participated in the first founding year of ’Mechinat’ “Hadar” in kibbutz Suffa, aiming to strengthen the social resilience of the community.

Ori is working at “Rakefet” as moderator in Socio-emotional groups for children & youth suffering with social anxiety, where they practice a variety of social exercises and group activities that are based on Cognitive-Social-Emotional Tools (CBT & SEL). She has also led workshops for education and counseling teams for the association.

In her current role, she brings her knowledge and passion of helping others, psychology studies and mindfulness practice into The Human Founder’s marketing activities, aiming to increase awareness and bring value through managing social media channels, content creation and support of the podcast production.

As a shy kid, she understood from a very young age what it means to live with the potential of the person you could be, that no one else can see, and it fueled her with the passion to help people realize their potential and fulfill it.

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