Live or virtually led lectures & workshops discussing concepts and practical tools applicable to the entrepreneurial journey.

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Why speaking?

Workshops and lectures open new opportunities for continuous growth and learning. Workshops strengthen the organizational culture and create environments that inspire, motivate, and engage your employees, teams, or program participants. They offer new ways of thinking to generate an alternative shift in perspective and provide an opportunity to practice new tools and skill sets presented in real-time.

What will you get?

Experience the fundamental core skills of entrepreneurship turned into an interactive, engaging workshop or lecture brought to your organization, university, accelerator, or educational training program. Together, we can create your vision and inspire a healthy, productive generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

How does it work?

Workshops and lectures can be held live in-person or virtually, between 1.5-3 hours long, or spread across a series of workshops on various topics.

Some of my sought-after workshop topics are:

  • How to cultivate an entrepreneurial and growth mindset as a leader, in a VUCA world?
  • The Human Founder: The psychological and mental aspects of the entrepreneurial journey - in a startup, freelancing, intrapreneurship
  • Co-founders and partners: How not to be part of the 70% who split up
  • Entrepreneurship & family: What does it mean to be the spouse of an entrepreneur?
  • How to communicate as a leader: Effective communication for building a thriving and sustainable organizational culture
  • The effective founder: How to improve our focus, time management and self-management as entrepreneurs and managers
  • Why "a healthy organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast" and how to create such a culture?
  • How to be a mindful leader? Mindfulness as a tool for leadership, motivation and balance: theory and practice
  • SuperWoman: The exponential power of women's entrepreneurship
  • The exponential power of our gratitude list
  • Everything is a negotiation: Strategies for success in personal and professional interactions
  • 40 lessons in our 40s
  • Navigating failures: How to embrace crises as stepping stones for growth?
  • Our informal resumes: Who and what are we between the lines of LinkedIn?
  • Mapping your career journey: Transitions, growth and fulfillment  
  • Marketing 101: Vital strategies for promoting your business or startup
  • Personal branding: Building your unique professional identity for success 
  • How to launch a winning podcast in a few steps? A practical workshop for starting a podcast

Results & Values:

By engaging in workshops and lectures, employees, teams & entrepreneurs learn new ideas, develop, and practice relevant skills. These events have the power to engage, inspire, and stimulate improved actions and behaviors.

"Gali's expertise in startup founders' mental mechanisms is truly impressive, and her passion for supporting and empowering women founders is evident in every aspect of her work. Throughout the Leadership Workshop to Google For Startup founders, Gali provided a wealth of practical strategies and tools for building resilience, managing stress, and maintaining focus in the face of the many challenges that arise when building a startup. Her presentation style was engaging, informative, and highly interactive, and she had a remarkable ability to connect with each participant on a personal level. Gali's ability to create a safe and supportive environment allowed attendees to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and challenges, and her thoughtful and insightful feedback provided valuable guidance and direction."

Yuval Passov
Head of Google for Startups Israel

"Although exciting, it's rare to find an individual with such an incredible blend of professionalism, productivity, and hard work with a sensitive approach to people, their emotional needs, happiness, and resilience. I found this exact blend when I met Gali. Gali's deep engagement with her work is admirable. It is truly precious to see just how profoundly she delves into her work with her colleagues, students, entrepreneurs' real needs and desires. Above all, regardless of the challenges met, her constant smile is a dependable anchor that everyone around her trusts. She knows how to provide us with the energy and power needed to advance things practically towards our next steps. I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Gali!"

Dafna Kariv
Professor of Entrepreneurship, Reichman University

"Gali is a real pro in everything she does. That's why I bring Gali to work directly with the entrepreneurs of my innovation accelerator program for over 4 years. Gali led a half-day workshop for all of the entrepreneurs to better understand their leadership qualities. Over six months, Gali held one-on-one coaching sessions with each entrepreneur guiding them through challenges and helping them identify their authentic leadership and professional strengths. I see how much Gali is an asset to our entrepreneurs, empowering them in their journey and introducing a much-needed language of wellbeing, balance, leadership, and self-management."

Zachi Flatto
CEO, ConTech

"Gali led an inspiring workshop at the 'Baot - Women Architect & Tech Lead Forum.' Gali brought her experience to educate and empower a forum of senior tech women on how to lead people and employees and gain authority. Gali prepared a rich and thorough workshop that demonstrated her holistic view on personal engagement. We practiced the tools she taught us, which helped us to understand and adopt the methods fully. Thank you for an eye-opening workshop."

Sharon Rosenfeld
Software Architect

"I had the opportunity to work with Gali as part of the Quantum SPARK POC program that I led as the GM of Programs at Quantum Hub. Gali is a true professional who brings her vast experience, expertise, and fresh energy to the table, even when conducting a session over Zoom! Gali's session was well received among our startups, who also reported that their 1:1 conversations with Gali helped them tap into their growth mindset and improve their self-confidence. I highly recommend Gali and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!"

Yael Kochman
GM of Programs, Quantum SPARK

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