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​I'm Gali Bloch Liran, an Entrepreneurs Performance Coach. 

I help Startups CEOs, Founders and VCs Entrepreneurs to grow and lead in their personal and professional path.

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I professionalize in empowering and nurturing Startup Founders, while helping them scale up their venture.  
The Founders team, is the most crucial resource of the startup, often experiencing stress, loneliness, and uncertainty. 

During our growth process, we observe, analyze and improve a wide range of skills and behaviors, from state-of-mind transformation to becoming leading CEOs through Co-Founders relations, communication skills and emotional intelligence, decision making process, strengthening their courage and assertiveness muscles, creating the right balance and building the right startups’ culture and dynamics.
This can be achieved through 1-on-1 sessions or group dynamics.

I hold L.L.B., B.A. in Psychology, M.B.A in Business & Managerial Psychology, a Coach certificate and an Interior Design certificate (good design influences every aspect of our life!). 

My Unique Value Prop -

1) I bring a vast experience in management, marketing and business development in startups & corporations, in Israel and abroad (SOSA, Ministry of Finance - D.C., Elit ElectronicsHFN, Adama, Technion). 

2) I’m a mega connector for people, opportunities and ideas, using all my skills, experience and understanding of the business-human nature.

3) ​​Alongside my professional experience, I bring to the table people experience, life experience and personal skills, that give me the ability to tackle life & business challenges with exceptional creativity & result oriented approach.

My Life Motto -

I’m a strong believer in positive thinking, generosity, 'can do attitude' and a constant personal growth// Smile is an essential tool in my life kit// Details alongside planning the big picture - is how the most effective results are achieved// And of course - remember being human, being persistent, being passionate, keeping high energy & dream big!


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I'm working with Startup Founders & CEOs, who are looking to achieve better results in their personal & professional path.

I'm the In-House Entrepreneurs Performance Coach for several Accelerators and VCs.

I lead the entrepreneurs through day-to-day decision making process, building an A Team to run with, developing a Thought Leader persona, and generally - navigate their way in this roller coaster of establishing a venture towards scale-up and growth, keeping their focus, balance and high energy.


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