Elad Weinstein

Marketing & Operations Manager

Elad is the Marketing Manager at The Human Founder. Elad has a proven track record of success in creating and executing effective marketing strategies. He has extensive experience in both B2C and B2B marketing, having previously worked for an airline abroad where he was responsible for executing marketing and revenue management strategies to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Before his career in marketing, Elad served in the Israeli Navy as a combat soldier at the Corvette Flotilla. He gained valuable experience collaborating with a team to accomplish mission-critical objectives. Later on, he was appointed as Head of the Long Mission International Desk in the International Affairs Branch.

Elad is also currently pursuing a B.A in Economics, Data Science, and Entrepreneurship at Reichman University, with a particular interest in Behavioral Economics. Outside of work, he volunteers at a local community center where he teaches teenagers video editing and principles of cinema. Elad believes in the importance of empowering young people to express themselves creatively and find their voice through visual media.

As a member of the team at The Human Founder, Elad is committed to delivering exceptional results and helping the company achieve its goals. His experience, passion, and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset to the team.

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