How it Feels Raising Money When You Are a Full-time Mother, Spouse, CEO & Entrepreneur, and How Self-compassion Relates to it

Iris Shoor,
Founder & CEO of Oribi

In an open and revealing female conversation, Iris Shoor, a well-respected and highly esteemed serial entrepreneur, shares what she went through when recently raising $15.5M for Oribi, and how she coped throughout the process. Sometimes, it can be rather challenging to constantly exude positivity and be on your A-game, especially when you don't feel that way on the inside. Iris raises the necessity to receive honest and reflective feedback from investors to avoid leaving entrepreneurs hanging with uncertainty, even if it is not positive.

We talked about failures, struggles, and why entrepreneurs only share their negative experiences after five years have passed and all is forgotten. Rather than share when the experience is relevant and pertinent, they tend to be overrun by the voice inside their head, fearing "getting caught."

We discussed choosing to pursue another startup of your own, with no Co-Founders, allowing you to establish a company completely aligned with your spirit and vision. Alongside, we also touched on how lonely it can be at the top.

Above all, Iris delivered an authentic and inspiring message that no matter our gender, we can pursue anything we choose and should do based on our abilities, passions, and personal style.

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