The Story of a Champion–in the Sky, on the Field, and in Life Itself, and the Similarities to the Life of an Entrepreneur

Noam Gershony,
Olympic Champion & Startup Advisor

Noam Gershony is an IDF disabeld veteran, an Apache pilot who lost close friends in the Second Lebanon War in 2006. In 2012, he played for the Israeli tennis team in the Paralympic Games in London, where he competed and won a gold medal for the Quad Singles and a bronze medal in the Quad Doubles with Shraga Weinberg. He honored all wounded IDF soldiers' legacy when he lit the torch on Israel's 70th Independence Day back in 2018 and is now a sought-after and fascinating lecturer.

In an exhilarating conversation, Noam talks about recovering from his injury, the range of emotions that accompanied him throughout his rehabilitation process, and the influence of our elected perspectives and choices on our reality. The belief that "it is possible" to resume an everyday life allowed Noam to deal with his injury and take it as far as the Olympics. The mantra that "it is possible" is exhibited by entrepreneurs every day as they face more and more challenges.

We spoke about how to deal with stress during peak performance, especially when you know it's probably your only shot to succeed in the Olympics, and how to focus on the positive over the negative. In relation, we also discussed why entrepreneurs have to rationally consider their failures and equally know how to stop for a moment and enjoy their victories. Additionally, we talked about how he managed to build a relationship with a competitive tennis partner and how it similarly parallels the relationship of startup Co-Founders.

If you're in need of some optimism and perspective on life to boost your confidence, listen to my conversation with Noam and take note of your dimples along the way.

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