Why as an Entrepreneur, You Should Start Meditating

Ofer Shani,
Online Entrepreneur & Meditation Teacher

Did you know that the average person has 12-50K thoughts per day? With entrepreneurs, this amount is probably much higher. How do we manage the autopilot of our thoughts and ideas? What good comes out of an anxiety attack that impacts the management of our thoughts? 

Why are morning rituals critical to our functionality as entrepreneurs? Which mechanisms are activated in our brain, and how can we learn to leverage them? What happens to entrepreneurs and investors during a midlife crisis? How important is it for us to learn about our inner self and not be afraid of what it will say, even if it means having significantly less money in the bank or being criticized by our environment?

Ofer Shani is an Internet Entrepreneur, Product Executive, Entrepreneurship Lecturer, but most commonly known as a Meditation Teacher. Shani describes himself through Reid Hoffman's (the Founder of Linkedin) lens and explains why we should each see our life as a startup worth pursuing and how we can continuously grow from it.

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