How to Develop Winning Relationships Within Startups

Micha Breakstone,
Co-Founder & CEO of Neuralight.ai, Co-Founder & President of Chorus.ai

Imposter syndrome is often discussed amongst entrepreneurs as what they are "feeling" versus what they portray, and how within this moment, they persist in working hard while leading a team and building momentum. Part of this sentiment is also about managing our internal struggle with the "failure to succeed," even if on the outside, the startup is, in fact, thriving. It also touches on the need to identify the forces that may be causing us to move vigorously towards our next venture.


Considering 70-80% of startups out there do not reach the finish line of their initial pursuits, much can be done to improve their success rate and reduce the likelihood of this occurring. Micha, carrying vast experience, sheds light on his entrepreneurial path, values, beliefs in psychological safety, and philosophy that nothing is more critical than maintaining a healthy relationship amongst Co-Founders. He speaks frankly and openly about managing relationships with investors, partners and the significance of working with an Executive Coach from the get-go to build strong relationships. After all, maintaining stable, healthy relationships is at the core of any successful startup.

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