The Psychology of Media Outreach During Emergency Times

Dr. Michelle Stein Teer
Founder & Director of the Rhetoric Academy, Head of the Rhetoric Art program at Reichman University

In the final episode of our resilience series, we will discuss the psychology of public diplomacy & media outreach in times of emergency. Dr. Michelle Stein Teer, Founder of the Rhetoric Academy at Reichman University, shares her expertise in training people from diverse sectors in speaking, writing, and coping with fear and trauma.

The episode begins with Michelle sharing about her personal loss. This personal tragedy serves as a profound backdrop to our discussion on interpersonal communication and Israeli public diplomacy both locally and globally. 

We explore the public diplomacy triangle comprising government efforts, citizens' digital activism, and effective communication strategies. Key aspects include maintaining a consistent narrative, and leveraging real-time reactions. The importance of body language, emotions and authenticity in media representation is emphasized, along with the significance of critical analysis of media content.

Central themes are identifying shared values and common humanity to build bridges and counter dehumanization, while avoiding generalization and blame. Michelle advocates combining head and heart in advocacy - logic and data intertwined with storytelling and empathy. She concludes by underscoring hope and optimism as vital foundations and emphasizing complex thinking in the face of multifaceted challenges.

In the video linked below, you can be exposed to additional techniques for standing in front of an audience and a camera presented by Dr. Michelle Stein Teer: https://online.rhetoricacademy.io/rhetorikit/

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