How to Deal With Fear and How it Relates to Decision Making

Dr. Yuval Avni,
Managing Partner at Crescendo Venture Partners

Are there "good" and "bad" types of fear? What is the meaning of fear in the context of an entrepreneur's life? What does the fear of fear resemble? Are we perpetually bound to experiencing Impostor Syndrome? Do our decision-making skills stem from our collective frustrations? What do a doctor, investor, and entrepreneur have in common? What is the difference between a CEO and an entrepreneur? How important is it for us as humans to answer the question “what makes us tick?”

Dr. Yuval Avni is a Cardiothoracic Surgeon who eventually became an Investor, the former CEO of a startup, and is now a Managing Partner at Crescendo Venture Partners. Yuval was full of excellent insights––I especially liked "a good entrepreneur is a collection of contrasts."

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