How to Lead a Rapidly Expanding Company During a Global Pandemic and Building a Strong Relationship With Your Co-founder

Gal Shaul,
CTO of Augury

Together, Gal and Saar have been building a company for over ten years. They started thinking about how to identify people's distress according to predictable and identifiable indicators, which evolved into a growing and leading company that makes these predictions for machines and works with the industry's biggest names.

Entrepreneurs are not immune to the concept of a midlife crisis, even for those who may have a solid relationship with their Co-Founder. Sometimes, entrepreneurs face grappling with a powerful internal force that makes them want to scream. Despite having a tremendous passion for their work, they have moments they suddenly wish for everyone from their various Zoom calls and meetings to disappear.

Gal very authentically shares how the description of his role as a Co-founder has changed over the last ten years. He discusses how to really take breaks when you need to, create a strong work culture amidst a rapidly evolving company, and what internal communication and ‘company news’ resources are related to it. He shares about all of the impressive American venture capital firms that invested in his venture, how they achieved their accomplishments, and how an Israeli firm led their last round of fundraising. Finally, Gal emphasizes the importance for entrepreneurs to be seen, not just for their careers but also for who they are as human beings.

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