Zen Meditation And Mindfulness For Relaxation & Focus During A Busy Entrepreneurial Day

Ofer Shani,
Online Entrepreneur & Meditation Teacher

Within this chaotic period we all experience, meditation and mindfulness are among the wonderful tools to help us produce a little acceptance, peace and tranquility within our complex daily lives. I experience around me many entrepreneurs & friends who need to stop, breathe and recalibrate.

Each of us has his own way of practicing, but at the same time, the beauty is if we allow our daily lives to become a part of the practice, an attitude of conscious observation of everything we go through, where we can turn our energy, motivation and desire for liberation towards.

Ofer is a dear friend, entrepreneur, lecturer in entrepreneurship, a meditation teacher and a wonderful colleague that I got to interview for a podcast in the first few episodes.

I myself get to practice with him every week, and this Zen meditation of his was so special in the music and its content - that I had to share it with you too.

Enjoy, breathe and relax.

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