Why Entrepreneurs Should Internalize Positive Psychology Strategies

Prof. Oren Kaplan,
Clinical Psychologist & Economist

Prof. Oren is a clinical psychologist and one of Israel’s founding fathers of “Positive Psychology," which deals with the question of “how to recover after a crisis.” Positive Psychology's goal is to instill a strong foundation in people who have developed resilience and prevent another crisis or depressive episode.

When people ask about what happiness and contentedness entail, they generally refer to the following 3 things;

  1. The “good life,” such as a vacation in the Maldives 
  2. The meaning of happiness - as Viktor Frankl described it (in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”)
  3. Flow - Flow is a state in which one allows themselves to be so dedicated to something that one loses track of time.

It turns out that “immense joy” is not the emotion that contributes most to happiness. It is emotions such as gratitude, pride, a sense of satisfaction and connection to people that are more significant in establishing a sense of happiness. Positive psychology does not nullify the negative - it aims to improve the measure of satisfaction as it pertains to ourselves, each time a little more.

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