How to Make the Move from a Big Company to One That Will Become Big, and Why Everything Begins with the Right Mindset

Moran Zer Katzenstein,
CEO of yyy

Moran was a 'Corporate Woman,' moving from one large organization to another. When she got to the most enticing one for her - Google,  she was suddenly shut down. Moran desperately wanted to stay, but probably not for the right reasons. She did not get something she wanted for the first time and had to deal with 'no.' She decided she was ready to take off the organization's 'power suit' with the A-list names and set up her own company.

'Impostor Syndrome' was well known, and for a long time, she felt it was some kind of 'Ponzi scam' - because other than the name, she had no idea what the company would be. After her first customer came through a good friend, the road had been paved. She shares some of the mindset-related things she dealt with, and felt that she needed to change;

  1. The mental flexibility required of her - where she is now is far from where she began.
  2. Take off the 'power suit,' which helps her hang on to big names, and be willing to present herself as 'Moran,' without the 'from [Google]….'
  3. Moran needed to change her perception of self-employed/entrepreneurs/ business owners being 'quitters' who failed in the real world. But, her perception now is that it takes courage, deliberate choice, precision, and self-fulfillment. Starting your own business is no less difficult, and far more unstable.
  4. Humor as a tool that helped her not take herself too seriously - but that it does not suit everyone.
  5. Understand when the right stage for staffing is, and how much she needs around people who will help her be a much better and more accurate moran.
  6. Transition from taking any job, to pricing more accurately and bringing in customers who come of their own volition, understand the value, and are happy to pay for it.
  7. Do we measure and define ourselves in the 'money currency' or the 'happiness currency?' Can the happiness currency lead to an increase in money? How much of it all revolves around self-worth?

Moran also chose to wear the 'Impact Suit' and founded "Creating an Alternative," which aims to give back to female executives who experienced workplace harassment and help female victims of sexual assault.

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