How to Develop a Growth Mindset as an Impact Entrepreneur

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Ofer Flynn,
Impact Entrepreneur & Co-founder at Great Mindz

Ofer felt he was spending hours at work devoted to something he did not really like, much less felt passionate about. Helping others was always part of his core values, and for years, he spent time volunteering in addition to his traditional job. As time was running out in favor of his “normal” job, he realized that the path he was on would never lead him to the optimal level of satisfaction. This gave him enough force to be willing to make a hard decision of taking a step to pursue what he felt was his destiny - social entrepreneurship. 

With great faith in the economic potential of a business that can positively impact the world, Ofer paved his way to the Impact Economy that would tackle social and environmental challenges and build business models around it. We talked about how this career transition forced him to find the courage and integrity to develop the proper mindset of a social entrepreneur who wishes to start something big and overcome the challenge of the great success that surprised him without getting cold feet. 

While mental barriers and negative thoughts stand along our way to embark on social entrepreneurship, in-depth inner work can slowly amplify our positive mindset and help us see opportunities everywhere to pick up life-changing ventures. 

Ofer taught us how being mindful and connecting to our body can be used as a superpower for observation and decision-making, along with the importance of embracing ‘no’ into our lives and its role in strengthening our sense of self-esteem.

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