How to Close a Startup and How to Choose the Right Co-founders so That You Don't Have to Part Ways

Zachi Flatto,
Entrepreneur & CEO of ConTech

Anyone who has closed a startup knows that it is an experience of significant loss, with all the Kubler-Ross grief cycle stages– denial and anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. It takes time to be willing and able to look at yourself in the eyes and face closing the doors for good.

Zachi Flatto is an Entrepreneur, Engineer & CEO of ConTech - an innovation center focusing on ConstructionTech & PropTech. He shares with us his journey, including how to choose co-founders, identify the signs that the startup is no longer viable, and the importance of family support along the way. Flatto believes that a successful entrepreneur's DNA must include optimism, complementary partners, and mental resilience. He additionally discusses how to cope with stage fear and move forward instead of experiencing crippling anxiety attacks.

This episode is in collaboration with ConTech - a Global Innovation Center for Construction & Real Estate technologies.

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