How It Feels Being a Female Entrepreneur in the Global Security Market, Relocation, and Being in the Public Eye

Lital Leshem,
Co-founder of Carbyne

Lital is an incredibly impressive businesswoman and entrepreneur; she co-founded Carbyne, formerly known as Reporty, with Amir Elichai during their studies at the IDC in Herzliya. After Amir experienced an emergency, Lital and Amir realized there was no adequate solution available. Lital made a massive leap into the entrepreneurial world out of genuine curiosity, though her roots are entrenched in the security and military world. 

We talked about parting ways from startups and co-founders and the choice Lital made to move to New York and try her role as an Executive Director of Mobileye-Intel, after the exit of $15.3 billion. We also discussed how the magnitude of an expectation is the same size as the let-down and how disappointment in the media's eyes can be challenging to deal with. Lital talked about the feelings of recklessness, confusion, and self-accuracy throughout making decisions, such as when she decided to say goodbye to Mobileye-Intel. We also discussed her fear of failure, fear of success, and how her struggles paved the way for future success.

Relocation is the subject of discourse among many entrepreneurs; we talked about Lital’s experience moving to New York and the various elements of a relocation. Examples include creating an accurate expenditure breakdown, finding employment for one’s significant other, and how to settle in a new place. A good community can make all the difference. Lital candidly shared her choice to focus on her career in recent years, which is not necessarily the ‘social norm’ for women. As always, she is listening to her inner voice, which says that the right person will come along at the right time. We talked about how important our inner motivations are for progress and paving our unique path, how important it is to identify them and listen to them. As a Major in the Reserves, the path is very set and clear, whereas, in civilian life, we chart our paths and mark our milestones. No one gives us ranks - except for ourselves.

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