A Female Entrepreneur’s Thoughts On How To Conduct Several Exits While Battling Infertility, Divorce, and Pregnancy at an Advanced Age

Revital Hendler,
Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of AllJobs, WorkWith.me, BreezoMeter & GameChangerZ

So, is there more to life than startups? Spoiler Alert - YES.

Revital is a serial entrepreneur who has conducted three exits. She sold her first startup before celebrating her 30th birthday. She described her hectic decade as 'one of attrition.' She dreamed big and accomplished big things. However, Revital's biggest dream was actually to be a mother, which did not come easy. Spoiler # 2 - today, she is a mother of 3.

Revital doesn’t think she was born to be a businesswoman; she used to want to be a choreographer. Investors and managers used to make fun of her for being too emotional or being too chatty and wasting an hour every day greeting employees and asking them about their days. Revital knows the importance of being true to herself, which is all she can do - she has no interest in being something somebody else wants her to be.

The decision to leave her position as CEO of AllJobs and pursue infertility treatments was heavily scrutinized. Revital recalls during her 8th month of pregnancy, throwing up in a parking lot and then pitching, meanwhile the everpresent worry of something going array in her high-risk pregnancy. She kept up the unfazed facade for years, so it was difficult for those around her to understand that she wanted to be a mother more than she wanted to lead the company.

Revital shares how the favourite title she's had isn't much of a title at all - it is being a 'titleless citizen of this world.' She believes we should learn to love ourselves, and we came to enjoy ourselves. When we enjoy ourselves, our self-acceptance is far greater.

Revital talks about her experience as BreezoMeter's founder; how she knew how to join the mission playing by her new rules as a mother. Revital also discussed how she coped when she was removed from her BreezoMeter founding team - and how she should learn to be a 'business mother' who knows how and when to let go. 

Revital shared how her business partner was also her personal partner at some stage, how complicated it was to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how she managed it. 

Revital brings a holistic and extraordinary view on entrepreneurial women and says, what we all probably agree on, that being an entrepreneur and simultaneously parenting is extra complicated.

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