I first heard the term "eureka" from one of my previous CEOs. However, only now do I realize that I didn't fully understand the concept at the time.

Today for the first time, I felt enlightened, like an important message on a sign dropped out of the sky before me to bring me clarity. It felt like gravity was working backward, as various little particles came together to form a fluent and long-lasting image. (Did you picture this in slow-mo?)

Preceding this moment, I completely collapsed, crippled both physically and emotionally, as though a black hole was swallowing me up.

Last week I fought a vicious 24-hour virus that knocked me off my feet. My body just weakened. The connection between the mind and body is quite incredible. That very evening, the virus progressed into a severe allergy attack out of nowhere, and as a result, I had difficulty breathing throughout the night.

The next morning, the situation had not improved, so I called an ambulance to go to the hospital to receive emergency treatment for my allergic reaction. They gave me some shots, and within half an hour, I felt much better and was able to return home. It took me a few days to recover, as this whole ordeal was a complete out-of-body experience. I was mentally drained and digesting what had happened to me on physical and emotional levels, mainly still processing the emotional wave that overcame me.

After a couple of days, I woke up to a new week full of activity, good energy and was literally able to breathe again. 

The next day, I had a productive meeting with my long-time mentor, who has known me for several years. I told her that the meeting's goal was to help me choose which career path to pursue, either as a Startup Coach or to shift paths altogether and become an Interior Designer. We spent over an hour together and had a thoughtful, intelligent, and deep conversation. However, unfortunately, I felt that I wasn't gaining the clarity I was hoping to get. Yes, I did gather new insights and drew important conclusions, but these were not the parts of the puzzle I was after.

At this point, I chose to make my voice heard. I asked my mentor to reflect on her direct experiences with me, and based on this, state what she thinks would be the right fit, how I would succeed, and under what circumstances. She responded by saying that there are two conditions: The first is that I ultimately need to make a decision, and based on that choice, I must focus only on that. Secondly, she said that I would have to give it my all, bringing my full determination and perseverance to the table. So if I managed to fulfill these two conditions, she had no doubt that I could succeed in whichever path I chose.

Suddenly, I realized that I needed her to see me so I could see myself. My vision for myself started to become more clear. I realized I had to make my voice heard and lean in, in my own right.

I know that I am great at speaking, motivating, and helping people chose their direction to make decisions. I also know that I'm inspiring, knowledgeable, charismatic, am fun to talk to and that my contagious energy enables others to make changes, move forward, dream and dare. I'm very empathic, personable, have a high E.Q., and realize that people feel comfortable relying on me.

In recognizing these strengths, the vision for my aspirations became more evident and accurate as I saw the intersection of my love for people, forgiving, fixing, organizing, and leadership.

I chose to study both psychology and law, pursue my MBA with a specialization in business and managerial psychology, and get certified in coaching. In recent years, I've entered and gained exposure to the world of entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation, a world of technology that speaks, predicts, and creates the future. A world that allows me to always stay up to date on how the future will evolve, develop, learn and be at the forefront.

I could see my vision as a "Startup Coach" becoming a feasible reality.


Now you see, this is not a new thought. I have been running my coaching business for more than a year now. But until recently, I did not see nor recognize the core connections between my values, strengths, and passions. I lacked understanding for my sense of purpose from the inside out.

Today, I can finally say, "eureka!" Today, I saw how I, Gali Bloch Liran, at age 37, can build a global business coaching entrepreneurs and become the person they do not move without consulting first. I can finally bring my dream to life––to become the Wendy Rhoades (from the series Billions) of entrepreneurs. I want to be the one who helps entrepreneurs become precise, sharp, and strengthens them. The one who technologically and psychologically understands their company, product and works with them through their most complex situations. The one who helps them center themselves during the roller coaster we call the entrepreneurial journey, and succeed with a smile, or fail at it, but learning nevertheless—the one who sprinkles them with a touch of magic dust.

I dream of becoming the best Startup Coach in Israel and one of the most sought out worldwide.

Within the next three years, I see myself building this business and becoming the go-to coach for Microsoft and Intel's accelerators, working in several co-working spaces, building a strong reputation, experience, accuracy, my brand, and financial success. Within five years, when my family eventually has to relocate for my husband's work, my business will continue to conquer the world and follow me wherever we go. I envision myself as a profitable, well-dressed, and self-employed businesswoman, working in stunning offices (and expressing my love for design), looking forward to getting up every morning excited about meeting great entrepreneurs and helping them succeed. I also see myself as happy from the quality time spent with my kids, maximizing my verbal, intellectual, and emotional abilities, and publishing my book, which will have a chapter called, The Eureka Moment.


Suddenly, everything connected and felt like the puzzle came ––the God Particle, the "eureka moment," the path to fulfilling my dreams. My intention and progress across the various aspects of my life will allow me to fulfill my dreams.

May 6, 2019
by Gali Bloch Liran 

The Eureka Moment

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