The entrepreneurial journey is an exciting adventure full of satisfaction, growth, and unlimited possibilities. However, it also comes with struggles, pressures, storms, and battles that can greatly affect our lifestyle, loved ones, and health.

As someone who provides business and mental guidance to entrepreneurs, I had the opportunity to have an honest and intimate conversation with them. This conversation was filmed for the latest episode of "Tech Talk" with Noa Zilberman, which aired on Channel Relevant!. The episode explores the nuances of our psyche in the entrepreneurial world and highlights the challenges that we often overlook or avoid acknowledging. It also emphasizes the importance of sharing these challenges and seeking help when needed.

Navigating the entrepreneurial journey becomes more rewarding and balanced when entrepreneurs have insights and strategies for dealing with mental challenges.

Jan 11, 2024
by Gali Bloch Liran 

The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster: Balancing the Highs and Lows of Success

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