I'm sitting down to write my first book. I feel a bit confused, wondering, "Where do I start?" I'm an organized person and admittedly even quite a control freak. I always need to know everything. "Where am I going?" or "how will it look?" I lack the patience to live in the unknown.

When I was a candidate for an executive role before relocating to Georgia, the CEO said to me, "Just start, and slowly, the scope of the role will become clear." At the time, I felt like I already needed to be in the know.

Later on in life, I received one of the most incredible professional opportunities, to become the Head of the Marketing & Business Development department of a large company, without having any prior formal marketing experience. However, the CEO saw my potential, based on my knowledge, experience, and leadership skills. My learned experience of leaning into the unknown with patience and self-confidence paid off.

There have been many times I've wanted to start writing a book, but each time never knew where to start. Previously in my mind, I envisioned everything needing to be edited, on-point, designed and written correctly. Perhaps I held my head too high, lacked humility, and did not understand the value of writing iterations, going back and forth, continuously polishing my work. For me, once it was on paper, that was it! Until suddenly, I embraced the possibility of simply starting and seeing what came out, so I eventually caved in.

I guess life is just like writing, where there are constant iterations and opportunities to improve your results. We have to learn to ease the pace of whatever it is we are aiming to achieve. Enjoy the process, and at the right time, it will get done.

Aug 6, 2019
by Gali Bloch Liran 

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