I'm Gali.

In Hebrew, the word "gal" means wave, which is also a wonderful way to describe my soul. I have always loved to touch various parts of life at once, which derives from my intrinsic fear of missing out on this world's vast beauty.

For years, I would beat myself up for not following just a single path in life, mainly due to my desire to experience life fully. In the past, I used to see this as a lack of focus and restlessness. After undergoing extensive personal growth and some years had passed, I eventually learned to change my perspective and accept who I am. I learned to cherish my variety of strengths, abilities, interests and understand that they are, in fact, my sources of power that enable me to touch many things in life. Something inside me flourished throughout this time, something that I didn't allow myself to embrace prior due to financial and social misconceptions. Fast forward a few years, one of my entrepreneurs beautifully said that he realized he was "number one at being number two." Understanding this is the core of entrepreneurship. It reflects the hunger, drive, and curiosity to experience this world, affirming that we can be fueled by and achieve more than just one thing.

After the birth of my third son, Dan, I decided to be with him for a year at home, where I also had the time to think, develop, and pursue change for endless reasons. This period was also when I decided to start raising my fourth child––my business. At the time, I called it "my baby business." I knew that it would grow out of being a baby in the future, but calling it such suited me at that point in my life.

Some of us women talk about the need to achieve a balance between our family and career. Nevertheless, some of the talented women around me choose to ultimately embark on a new, independent path to protect what is most dear to them––their family. These women do not necessarily choose this path because it is any easier nor more rewarding (particularly in the beginning), but instead because it allows them to gain priceless independence. They gain the autonomy to choose what, when, how, and why they make decisions without reporting to anyone else. Moreover, it is an incredible privilege, the precious feeling I get from being able to personally choose who I will interact with and decide what will or will not transpire in my life.

With all this in mind, I sat down, attempting to pinpoint my business's motives and values:

I first considered my love for human beings and appreciation for the overall beauty of life, as these things are precious ​​to me and intertwine with all of my life's decisions. I have always loved people, to speak with them, motivate them, and help them. I have also forever cherished that everything around me can be beautiful––starting from my apparel, homeware, digital designs, interior design, and the way people appear around me. For me, design is a way of life.

Over the last decade and a half, I have fallen into various senior marketing roles, both in Israel and abroad. These positions ranged from managing an entire marketing department, digital marketing and PR for high tech companies, and working for a beautifully designed innovation hub, all while mentoring startups across various fields. Then it hit me that this is where my passion lies and is the thing I want to focus on now––helping shape resilient entrepreneurs. After all, in the end, an entrepreneur's life is rather lonely, with a sea of ​​decisions to make, constant pressures, and the longing for companionship along the way. Support is needed with the day-to-day occurrences of life, understanding the essence of business, and achieving growth and balance across both aspects.

So who am I? I am who I say I am!

I am an incredibly creative, smart, quick-thinking, curious, energetic, mountain-climber, and determined individual, who loves life and people for being who they are. As my profession, I am an Executive Coach accompanying entrepreneurs, Founders, and startup CEOs on their journeys.

Today, I've learned how to change the lens of how I view my "lack of focus" into an appreciation for my constant curiosity, intrinsic "waves," and drive to touch various aspects of life. Behold is the secret ingredient of the unique value proposition I bring to the entrepreneurs I work with.

Jul 16, 2019
by Gali Bloch Liran 

My Exodus to Independence

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